Permanent researchers

Rodrigo Cabral-Farias, Assistant Professor University of Nice
Gilles Menez, Assistant Professor University of Nice
Luc Pronzato, Senior researcher CNRS, Project leader

Maria Joao Rendas, Reasearcher CNRS

Post-doctoral researchers

Asya Metelkina (2014-2018), involved in project SAFEDIVE (funded by DGA then by IAAF
You Li (2015-2016), involved in project DRONIC (funded by European Union)
Amaya Nogales Gómez (2020-2021), involved in project INDEX (funded by ANR)

PhD Students

Youssef Bennani, thesis 12/2015 on Density Estimation from Region-Censored Observations, funded by DESIRE (ANR)
Mona Abtini, thesis 08/2018 on Design (fixed size and sequential) for prediction in computer experiments