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For 25 years, the I3S laboratory has developed a partnership networks with French and worldwide research units, both academic and industrial. Such partnership can be: participation to institutional networks, common founded research projects, direct bilateral cooperation, etc. 

Institutional French and International Relationship

The I3S laboratory has worked, sometime for several years, with worldwide universities, institutions or laboratories, like RWTH Aachen University (Germany); Royal Society (BCM); Universidade Federal do Ceara -Fortaleza (Brazil); Simon Fraser University (Canada); some laboratories in Chili, in China, in Colombia, in Taiwan; University of Athens (Greece); le SINTEF (Norway); etc.
Some of such relationships are described below.


Three laboratories of Sophia Tech Campus (I3S, Inria and LEAT) work together to schedule an event called « Meddays » ( for master students of the Mediterranean area (4th edition in 2016). In relationship with our institutional Mediterranean partners (Greece, Italia, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey), between 30 and 40 students among the top of their program-classes are welcomed 3 days in Sophia Antipolis. Their agenda is the presentations of research works, laboratories, PhD and Master programs and platform visits. Once back, these students are our representatives in their campus to widespread information or contacts. We aim at increase our visibility and the number of incoming Master or PhD students.

Training Programs and Research

The I3S laboratory is involved in several international programs of training through research, like:

  • Nice CAMPUS Da Nang. The “Nice CAMPUS” project proposes an original structure of bilateral cooperation between training and university research. The aim is implementation of a UNS (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis) campus within the University of Da Nang in Vietnam. On this campus, both partner universities put into practice the concept of “massive university collaboration”: Master's degree (M), Doctorate’s degree (PhD), the research and the Scientific Valorization. Ultimately, this campus will become a department of the DIU (Danang International University) and a project of excellence center for training and research in Vietnam and in the South-East Asia area.
  • EIT Digital. I3S has been involved in the EIT Digital activities since its creation ( – a European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization). The French campus involved in EIT Digital are in Paris, in Rennes and in Sophia Antipolis. One of the first objectives of the consortium is to enhance innovation. The participation of I3S members concerns essentially two international training programs today “Internet: Technology and Architecture” and" “Data Sciences”.
  • French University in Egypt (Université Française d’Égypte (UFE), الجامعة الفرنسية في مصر). Uns is particulary involved in collaborations with the French University of Egypt in Cairo. I3S members are particularly active to develop, in connection with the University of Montpellier and the University of Paris-Sud - Orsay, a program of Master's degree. That master is in English on the campus of the French Institute of Egypt in connection with the Universities of Cairo and Ain Shams University.

Scientific Valorization and Industrial Relationships

The I3S laboratory is involved the main regional poles of competitiveness. I3S is present in the board meeting of the pole Safe, in the board of the pole SCS (Secured Communicating Solutions) and in the strategic committee of the pole Optitec. In particular, the members of the laboratory participate in very numerous working groups organized by the poles or the professional associations in which we have also been present (board member of Telecom Valley between 2010 and 2014, the platform “Conception” since 2012, ARCSIS since 2012). As a consequence, the I3S laboratory is regularly involved in FUI projects (research program leaded by industrials) and by the increase of the number of CIFRE theses (PhD in both a laboratory and a company).
Companies located in France receive tax incentives as explained (in French) on « notre page sur le Crédit Impôt Recherche ».
The I3S laboratory encourages the start-up creations.

UCN@Sophia Labex

logo_UCNlab_blanc.pngThe Labex UCN@Sophia research program accompanies the emergence of the digital society. It is conducted under a context of massive growth of needs (connected citizens), number of connected devices (Internet of objects) and of the volume of the available data (Big data) which require a new generation of networks (5G) and a genuine social reflection. The Labex UCN@Sophia was awarded by the French Ministry for Research and Higher Education through the competitive call "Laboratory of Excellence" (Labex) in the context of the government fund for "Investments for future" in 2012. The invovled partners are: UNS (EPOC, I3S, LEAT), CNRS, Eurecom, Inria and the LTCI laboratory. The labex is now part of the IDEX UCAJEDI.