SIS Research Division

logo SISSignals, Images and Systems (SIS)

This division conducts research in the fields of signal and image processing, multimedia data compression, communication networks, robotics and autonomous systems, and optimal experimental design. SIS is composed of 37 permanent members, and approximately as many non-permanent members at a given time, including PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, interns and visitors.

This division is composed of Members from UCA, CNRS and/or Inria

Our Publications are available from HAL and our internal talks from the SIS seminars series

SIS managing team (2022-) : J. LEBRUN (in charge), R. APARICIO-PARDO (deputy) and  X. DESCOMBES (subsitute) 
Previous managing team (2016-2021) : V. ZARZOSO (resp.), G. ALLIBERT (dep.) and L. CALATRONI (sub.)

Main research Activities

  • Biological and Biomedical Signal and Image Processing - Details on biomedical signal processing activities can be found on the Signal team webpage. Our biological image processing activities are carried out in the Morpheme EPC team webpage.
  • Multimedia Coding -  Data coding activities are detailed on the Mediacoding team webpage.
  • Autonomous systems - This axis focuses on fundamental science and technology (OSCAR team) underlying the perception and control of mobile robots, topics around accurate large-scale 3D world models with low-cost consumer sensors (Robot Vision team), Model/Data based approaches for control (Hybride team) and Fault tolerant Control (Fault-IA activity).
  • Observation and Modeling - Information about these activities can be found on the webpage of the Design team.
  • Wireless Communications Systems and Networks -  The networking activities are carried out in the Signet team, Activities around tensors are now on the Signal team webpage.