csm_jean_martinet_f2322d983d.jpgIn brief

I am a Full Professor at Université Côte d'Azur. Since September 2019, I joined i3S lab (UMR 7271 CNRS / UNS) and Polytech Nice Sophia school. I am a member of the Modelisation, Simulation & Neurocognition group of SPARKS team.

Before joining Universté Côte d'Azur, I was an Associate Professor at Université de Lille from 2007 to 2019, with the Computer Science department of l'IUT 'A', and CRIStAL lab (UMR 9189 CNRS / Univ. Lille).


My main research interest is in the use of Spiking Neural Networks for Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. I belive that the so-call third generation of neural network models, strongly inspired from biology and neurosciences, is a good candidate for a paradigm change in machin learning with respect to data-hungry and power-hungry popular methods. Spiking networks show many interesting features for this paradigm change, such as their unsupervised training with Spike-Timing-Dependant Plasticity rules, and their implementation on ultra-low-power neuromorphic hardware. And yet, a number of challenges lie ahead before they become a realistic alternative for facing the ever-growing demand in machine learning.

I am the coordinator of the CHIST-ERA european programme APROVIS3D (1/4/2020-30/9/2023), grant number ANR-19-CHR3-0008-03.

I participate in the ANR-funded project DeepSee (project lead: Pr. Benoît Miramond, LEAT), grant number ANR-20-CE23-0004-04.


I am involved in several classes in Polytech Nice Sophia in 3rd and 4th years, and also in the Mater of Mathematical Engineering, in Mod4NeuCog, and in the CS department of IUT Nice Côte d'Azur.

I am the coordinator of the Data Science track of the EIT Digital Master School at University Côte d'Azur from Sept. 2020 (the Head of our EIT hub is my colleague Pr. Françoise Baude).

Other activities

I coordinate with my colleague Audrey Occello the apprenticeship for Computer Science students at Polytech Nice Sophia (3 cohorts) and for the second year of Master of Engineering in Computer Science (1 cohort), since July 2022.

I coordinate the Forum Numerica, a seminar series of the Academy of Excellence "Networks, Information and Digital society", dedicated to the digital sciences and their impact on the society and humans since February 2022.


Sept 14-15 2023: Final project meeting for APROVIS3D at IMSE, Sevilla, SPAIN.



Topic presentation slides for Call 2018 Analog Computing for Artificial Intelligence (ACAI), during CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar 2021


Room 248
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Phone: +334-89-15-43-86.