Great news! The EU proposals SPECTRO and EMAI4EU coordinated by EIT Digital will be funded! UniCA is on-board to set up these exciting new Master programs, kick-off for EMAI4EU in Brussels on Oct 23.

I am affiliated to Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school of Université Côte d'Azur.

I am involved in several classes in Polytech Nice Sophia in 3rd and 4th years, and also in the Mater of Mathematical Engineering, in Mod4NeuCog, and in the CS department of IUT Nice Côte d'Azur.

I am the coordinator of the Data Science track of the EIT Digital Master School at University Côte d'Azur from Sept. 2020 (the Head of our EIT hub is my colleague Pr. Françoise Baude).

Together with my colleague Audrey Occello, we are the coordinators of Apprenticeship (co-op students) for the 3-year engineer curriculum and for the second year of the Master of Computer Science since July 2022.

I am in charge of the module Statistical Computational Methods (30h), in the second year of the Master of Mathematical Engineering (Ingénierie Mathématique, IM), in the Stochastic and Statistical Modeling track (Modélisation Stochastique et Statistique), also for exit EIT Digital students (M2) for Data Science trackThis class is supported by DataCamp, a learning platform for data science. It helps students learn Python and R through a combination of short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises.

I am in charge of Polytech SI5 / Master 2 Ingénierie Mathématiques: Reinforcement Learning (24h), also for entry/exit EIT Digital students (M1-M2) for Data Science and Autonomous System tracks. 

I am invoved in the following classes from 2019:

Term 1

  • Polytech SI5 / Master 2 Ingéniérie Informatique: Reinforcement Learning (24h)
  • Polytech SI4: Computer Vision and Machine Learning (24h)
  • Polytech SI3 Network (12h)
  • Polytech SI3 C programming (24h)
  • Polytech SI3 Relational database (24h)

Term 2

  • Polytech SI3 Algorithms and data structures (24h)
  • Polytech SI3 Signal Sounds and Image (39h)
  • Mod4NeuCog M1-S2 Prospective research and Innovation (6h) 

During 2019-2020, I was in charge of the IUT course S2 Database Administration and Programming for co-op students (34h)