photoAMuzy.jpg CNRS Staff research scientist at Université de la Côte d'Azur
Director of the Modeling in Neuroscience and Cognition Institute (NeuroMod)
In charge of eXplAIn research team
Email: alexandre.muzy[.AT.]  

My domain concerns computational modeling and simulation based on (discrete event) system theory. In this domain, I am particularly interested in the development of approaches for the structuring and learning of large-scale activity-driven systems. The aim is to obtain more explainable/frugal models for neurocognitive applications (cf. Computabrain project). This led to the iterative specification formalism for modeling hybrid systems (more information in the book Theory of modeling and simulation).

Some recent papers on the computational modeling, simulation and learning of the neurocognitive system

Invited talks

  • Keynote of SCS/ACM Summer Simulation international conference (SummerSim 2020), 20 july 2020, on How Activity-Based Modeling and Simulation Can Move Artificial Learning Algorithms Closer to Real Neurocognitive Mechanisms, initially in Madrid, Spain, but virtual because of Covid19.
  • Educational panel of SCS/ACM Summer Simulation international conference (SummerSim 2020), 21 july 2020, initially in Madrid, Spain, but virtual because of Covid19.
  • Invited speaker at Eurosis European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM 2020), 21-23 october 2020, on Modeling and Simulation of Behavioral and Neuronal Activities for the Design of New Algorithms capturing the Learning Process Dynamics LAAS, in Toulouse, France.
  • Keynote at Journées Francophones de la Modélisation et de la Simulation (JFMS 2020), november 4-6 2020, on Computational modeling: Introduction to the theory and research challenges, in  Cargese, France.
  • Invited speaker at SOPH.I.A Summit 2018, IA & Fondamentaux, 8 november 2018, in Sophia Antipolis, France.
  • Invited to 2017 Bellairs CAMPaM (Computer Automated Multi-Paradigm Modelling) workshop, 17 March - 24 March, in McGill University's Bellairs campus, Barbados.

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