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Andre Anglade

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Houssem Bouhlabal

Doctoral Candidate


Arnab Dey

Doctoral Candidate


Howard Mahé

Doctoral Candidate


Juliette Drupt

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Masters Students

  • Simone Ballerio. Masters project (2020) on Stereo Event-Based Matching : Using Stereo PatchMatch with Slanted Support Windows and Time Surfaces.
  • Andru Putra Twinanda - Now PhD Candidate, University of Strasbourg. Masters project (2012) on "Autonomous localisation and mapping using a Turtlebot".
  • Fernando Ireta - Now PhD Cadidate at I3S. Masters project (2012) on "Autonomous visual navigation of a Crawler".
  • Kevin Derler et Benjamin Suchel - Masters project (2012) on "Non-rigid dense localisation and mapping of an Avatar".
  • Sébastien Lasserre - Masters project (2012) on "Obstable avoidance using an RGB-D sensor".
  • Elziere Emeric and Zakaria Yahi - GEII project  (2009-2012) on wearable spherical RGB-D mapping.
  • Cedric Audras - Now working at DNP Japan. Masters (2011) on "Kinect direct iterative closest point".
  • Mathieu Seiler - Now working at Armadeus. Masters (2010) co-supervised with Patrick Rives on "Spherical RGB-D imaging", Ecole de Mines, Paritech.
  • Simon Ducroty, Muhannad Ismael - Masters (2010) on "Fast GPU tracking", Polytech Nice Sophia-Antipolis.
  • Hatem Ladjailia - Masters (2008) on "A Kinematic Set model for parallel robots", University of Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand .