In the last ten years, I have taught courses at both IUT and EPU of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, primarily in mathematics, digital control, linear control theory, and modeling and control of aerial robots. I have been engaged in restructuring some of the control courses offered at the Applied Mathematics and Modelisation Department of Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis to incorporate the latest scientific developments positively impacting the student curricula. The courses on modeling and control of aerial robots were offered to different institutions, including ENSTA (Paris), EMP(Algiers), and EECI Graduate School on Control for Ph.D. students. The most relevant courses to which I contributed during the last ten years are listed below:

Université Côte d’Azur:

IUT-GEII (Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing)

Digital Control, Linear Algebra, Mathematical tools,  Basics of multivariate functions, Electronic design and development


IUT-TC (Commercialization Techniques)

Statistics and Probability


Polytech-MAM (Departement of Applied Mathematics and Modelling)

 Linear control theory, Optimisation, Modelling and control of Aerial Robotic Vehicles


ENSTA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (engineering school in Paris, France))

Modelling and control of Aerial Robotic Vehicles

EECI-IGSC (International Graduate School in Systems and Control)

Modelling and control of Aerial Robotic Vehicles (Paris 2012), Nonlinear observers: applications to aerial robotic systems (Paris 2016, Saint
Petersburg 2017, Genoa 2019, Paris 2022)