Research grants


Internantional and European level:

I am currently leading the IRP INS2I-CNRS (France-Australia, 2020-25), 20k€/year on Advancing autonomy of Unmanned Systems (6 partners: I3S, CRAN, IRISA and ANU, University of Melbourne and University of Monash).
Previously I coordinated a Franco-Australian PICS, an international project involving 5 partners, supported by CNRS (2006-08, 8k€/year) on Visual servo control of unmanned aerial vehicles.
I led the European TUAV-Echord project (2011-13, 153k€ for I3S, Teleoperation of unmanned aerial vehicles in a closed environment, 2 partners).
I was involved in the French-Australian DP130103526 grant (2013-15, 270k$, Integrated high-performance control of aerial robots in dynamic environments, 2 partners); in the European DRONIC Strep-project (2014-16, 420k€, Application of an unmanned surface vessel with ultrasonic, environmentally friendly system to (map and) control blue-green algae, 8 partners); and in the European PEGASE Strep-project (2006-09, 120k€ for I3S, Approach maneuvers for autonomous landing using visual servo control, 15 partners).

National level:

I am involved (as the local coordinator) in the DGA ALCYON project (2017-21), 220k€ for I3S, Helicopter Deck-landing, 2 partners: Agenium and I3S); the ANR DACAR project (2018-22, 180k€ for I3S, Convertible Aerial Robots, 3 partners: ISIR, Alcor and I3S); the FUI GreenExplorer project (2018-21) 180k€, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, 6 partners including ALSEAMAR and I3S and the ANR-EQUIPEX Robotex project (2011-20, 111k€ for I3S, Equipment, 15 partners).
I am directly involved in the ANR-Astrid CONGRES project (2019-23, 130k€ for I3S, coordinated by Minh-Duc Hua), New control paradigm of underwater vehicles (3 partners: LIRMM, I3S, ALSEAMAR).
In the past, I coordinated the ANR-Astrid SCAR project (2013-16, 98k€ for I3S, Sensory Control of Aerial Robots, 3 partners) and the ANR-PSIROB SCUAV project (2007-10, 95k€ for I3S, Sensor-based feedback control strategies for VTOL vehicles in the presence of wind, 6 partners), the CNRS-Robea ROBVOLINT project (2003-06, 24k€, Aerial robotics in indoor environments, 4 partners); and, I led the Drones working group (2008-15, 2,5k€/year an operating grant from GDR-Robotique).
I was involved as local coordinator of the FUI Adopic project (2009-11, 320k€ for I3S, Inspection of bridges and dames using VTOL-UAVs, 6 partners) and the CNRS RoboA project (2001-02, 36k€, Feasibility of visual servo control for vertical, take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles, 4 partners).

Local level:

I managed: 5 industrial projects (3 with Bertin Technologies, 1 with Cybernetics et 1 with Skybotix), 1 operating grant from the CNRS-INSIS to set up the OSCAR team at the I3S laboratory in 2009, and 5 scholarships (2 ONERA, 2 CEA, 1 LCPC), INS2I-CNRS commitment of 30 person-months in software engineering (18 months in 2017 and 12 started in Oct. 2021).