My research interests are mainly focused on:

1) Robust control design of unmanned systems (aerial, marine, and submarine robots) for real-world applications. The underlying scientific objective is developing a unified control approach for a large class of Unmanned Systems, allowing for the design of autopilots that operate efficiently in a large operational domain, with a particular focus on tasks involving the interaction of the robotic vehicle with the environment and human operators.

2) Efficient state estimation. In addition to the specific aspects of the control algorithms, I develop reliable and efficient observers of the system's state required for the physical implementation of the control laws. My research activities are motivated by emerging applications involving Unmanned Systems (monitoring traffic congestion, regular inspection of bridges, dam walls, power lines, etc.).

My research work is strongly supported by successful collaborations leading to strong industry outcomes and fundamental research results.

I have supervised (or co-supervised) sixteen students to graduation throughout my career:
1. Dr Zhiqi Tang (2017-21, IST Lisbon & I3S, IST Scholarship),
2. Dr Lam Hung Nguyen (2015-19, I3S, Vietnamese Scholarship funding),
3. Dr Jean-Marie Kai, (2015-18, I3S, MENRT Scholarship),
4. Dr Pedro Serra (2011-15, IST Lisbon & I3S, IST MENRT Scholarship),
5. Dr Szymon Krupinski (2011-14, I3S), CIFRE Cybernetics),
6. Dr Daniele Pucci (2010-13, INRIA & I3S, MENRT Scholarship), 
7. Dr Bruno Hérissé (2007-10, CEA & I3S-UCA, CEA Scholarship),
8. Dr Florent Lebras (2007-10, I3S-UCA, DGA Scholarship),
9. Dr Minh-Duc Hua (2006-09, INRIA & I3S-UCA, MENRT Scholarship),
10. Dr Sylvain Bertrand (2005-08, ONERA & I3S-UCA, ONERA Scholarship),
11. Dr Nicolas Guénard (2004-08, CEA & I3S-UCA, CEA Scholarship),
12. Dr Jean-Michel Pflimlin (2004-07, LAAS & I3S-UCA, DGA Scholarship),
13. Dr Nagib Metni (2003-06, LCPC & I3S-UCA, LCPC Scholarship),
14. Dr Alejandro Dzul-Lopez (1999-2002, UTC, Mexican Scholarship),
15. Dr Abdelhamid Chriette (1999-2002, Evry. Univ, MENRT Scholarship),
16. Ninad Manerikar (2018-2022, I3S-UCA, FUI project),
and four have just started under my supervision:
17. Tarek Bouazza (started Oct. 2021, I3S, UCA Scholarship), Advanced observers for visual inertial SLAM.
18. Tomas Lopes de Oliveira (started Oct. 2021, I3S, MENRT Scholarship), A novel paradigm in sensor-based control for UASs.
19. Pierre Gintrand (started Nov. 2020, I3S, CIFRE Airbus-Helicopters), Helicopter navigation and landing in unknown environments.
20. Yale Lee (started Nov. 2021, ONERA),,Haptic control design for assisted guidance of aerial systems,