International Level:

Coordinator with Robert Mahony of the IRP-ARS, CNRS-INS2I (France-Australia) on ``Advancing Autonomy for Unmanned Robotic Systems'' (2020-25);
Coordinator with Robert Mahony of the CNRS-PICS (France-Australia) on ``Visual servo-control of unmanned aerial vehicles'' (2006-08);
Coordinator of TUAV project, FP7 European program (2012-2013); Partnership with the ISR-IST Lisbon on UAVs programs (since 2011).

National Level:

Co-manager (with I. Fantoni) of the Working Group on UAVs of the GDR-Robotics  (2008-15),
Co-manager and founder (with A. Micaelli and R. Gelin, CEA) of the Drone team at the CEA Fontenay-aux-Roses (scientific officer 2002-05),
Coordinator of RobVolint project of the Robea program, CNRS (2003-2006), SCUAV project of the ANR (French National Research Agency) program in Robotics (2006-10), and SCAR project of the ANR Astrid program (2013-16).
Board member of the scientific committee of GDR-Robotics (since 2015), the scientific committee of the national conference in Robotics, JNRR, (since 2003), the coordination committee CNRS-DGA (2002-03), and the RTP STIC committee "systèmes aéro-spatiaux" (2002-03),
Expert for the ANR (since 2006), the DGA (General Delegation of the French Army), the CIR (French Research Tax Credit RTC) since 2010, and also expert for the different French departments (evaluation of projects, etc.) since 2003.

Local level:

President of the Experts Committee in Elect. Eng. (CS61) of UCA (2004-08 & 2016-20),
Head and founder of OSCAR team (5 academics) of the I3S-UNS CNRS (since 2008),
Head of the team ``Autonomous vehicles'' (6 academics) at the LSC-CEMIF laboratory (1997-03),
Board member of the Study and Tech. Research Council of the IUT-UCA (2006-14), the I3S-UCA CNRS laboratory council (2003-07), the Elect. Eng. Dep. Council of the IUT-UCA (2003-06), the administrative committee of the pole Pegase (2009-18, representative of the University Côte d'Azur), the Scientific council of the Univ. of Evry (1998-2000), the Experts Committee in Elect. Eng. (CS61) of the Univ. of Evry  (2001-2003), and the Experts Committee in Elect. Eng. (CS61) of the Univ. of Tech. of Compiègne (2001-2003),
Coordinator of the Communication cell in Science (1998-2000) as well as project management in Electrical Engineering at the Professional Institute at the University of Evry Val d'Essonne (1998-2001).